Activate and Use WhatsApp Messenger

Do you need to know how to activate WhatsApp?

Lets show you how! Now what you have successfully downloaded and install WhatsApp Messenger. You now need to activate WhatsApp on your Samsung. This is done by following the onscreen promts.

Verifying the WhatsApp InstallActivating WhatsApp on a Samsung

  • After the Install is complete the first screen will be a terms and conditions screen
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Now a activation screen will apear with two options.
  • Veryfy using “SMS / Text Message” or ” Voice Verification”
  • Sometimes using the SMS verification takes some time.
  • You can use any of the two options.
  • You Will recieve a SMS with the verification codeĀ  or you will recieve a phone call with a lady reading out the code.
  • Enter that verification code into the supplier box.
  • Now click or tap on “Verify”

You are done ! WhatsApp is now fully installed and working on your Samsung Phone.

Now send your first message using WhatsApp

  • Go TO Contacts (Icon with the little person)
  • Select a contact
  • Click on Sense “Contact Name” a Message
  • Now type away

Now you know hot to send a message with WhatsApp. Remeber all the contacts in your WhatsApp Conatcts list is people that had WhatsApp Messenger installed on their mobile phone. No need to add them.


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