How to Install Watsapp on Samsung Devices

Here you will learn how to install WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung compatible smartphone.

Installing WhatsApp on a Samsung is a fairly simple process once downloaded. Users even have the ability to choose their profile photo during the verification process. How cool is that! This is the kind of thing that helps both new and existing Samsung S60 ans S40 owners realize that the developers of the WhatsApp for Samsung truly cares for fans of the very exciting WhatsApp Messenger application.

By now you would have confirmed that you have a compatible device. You have download WhatsApp to your Samsung device. If you have not go to any of the previous steps.

Now you will learn how to install whatsapp on Samsung. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, galaxy s, Wave or any compatible phone. This is how you do it.

Installing WhatsApp for Android and Windows Phone Users

  • Wait until your download is 100% complete.
  • Just after your download is completed one of two things will happen
  • WhatsApp will install automatically (usually if the phone download and installs at the same time)
  • You have to click on install manually. (Most often)
  • This is done by clicking on the Install or Install Now button or link.
  • The WhatsApp Installation will automatically complete.
  • In some cases you need to give whatsapp permission to access your contacts
  • To give permission click on “Yes” or “Agree” when a prompt pop up.
  • Wait for the install to complete
  • Reboot the phone if required.

Samsung Symbian Users Install.

.This can be tricky. Where ever you can always download WhatsApp Using your Samsung phone. it will make the installation a lot easier.

  • Now that your download is complete.
  • Double tap on the WhatsApp.SIS file
  • WhatsApp will install after doing an initial pre-setup check to see if your symbain operating system is compatible.
  • If you have downloaded it to your computer.
  • Connect your Samsung phone to your computer with the USB cable.
  • Now copy the WhatsApp.sis file to your phone (usually onto your media card)
  • After the copy is complete. Go to your media card
  • The double tap (some older models “right click open” if we can call it that.
  • The same procedure will follow as above.
  • Wait for the installation to complete
  • Reboot the cell phone if required.

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